The five steps to neutrality are:

  1. To have a carbon footprint analysis carried out reporting on the greenhouse gas emissions of the business/organisation/event.
  2. Identify the best, and most appropriate opportunities for CO2 reductions.
  3. Decide on the carbon offset project(s) to be used in order to balance emissions levels.
  4. Purchase the correct volume of carbon credits to offset footprint.
  5. Once footprint is offset neutralcarbonzone® accreditation is awarded.

The neutralcarbonzone® accreditation is an internationally recognised status which is awarded when the Greenhouse Gas emissions of a company/organisation/event/product line, etc have been calculated in accordance with the guidelines set out by the WRI/WBCSD Greenhouse Gas Protocol Corporate Standard, and subsequently offset in full with Verified Emission Reductions accredited to the relevant global standard. The Carbon Credits used are then retired and published on an international environmental registry available for public viewing, ensuring complete transparency.

Achieving neutralcarbonzone® accreditation is an excellent way of clearly demonstrating your actions towards combating climate change, and your policy of managing your own environmental impact.