Now more than ever, companies are being held increasingly accountable by their customers, staff members and investors for their environmental impact. With increasing importance placed on how a company manages it’s footprint, sales tenders, consumer confidence and share values are being influence by the measures companies are putting into place to negate their emissions.

Marketing your environmentally responsible actions could give your business the competitive advantage it needs to set you apart from the competition.

An effective climate change strategy can help organisations deal with the inevitable risks related to this important issue. Importantly, there are many benefits of having a robust carbon management strategy:

• Cost savings: Actions to reduce emissions often involve improved efficiency, thereby reducing energy costs which could increase profits.
• Positive Marketing: With increasing competition, addressing the environmental impact of your products/services can provide a powerful means of differentiation in a crowded market-place.
• Recognition: Increased public awareness of climate change, combined with increased expectations of high Corporate Social Responsibility standards, will lead to your company being recognised as a leader in this regard.
• Limiting liabilities: Impending regulation of GHG emissions may mean that you will face future liabilities, but having a climate change strategy in place to address such risks will minimise your liabilities in the future.

Ethical Nation takes a bespoke approach to developing a carbon management strategy that reflects each particular company’s goals, stakeholder expectations, and risk/opportunity profile. We will work with clients of all sizes to develop and implement various carbon management strategies... from footprinting a single event to offsetting a complete annual accounting period to achieve Carbon Neutrality!

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